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Myths About Switching to a Gluten Free Diet

It is all about your health when gluten is removed. This wheat protein is known to cause more than 55 different diseases and many other side effects and symptoms that can devastate life, particularly for those with a gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease. But, there are many myths out there that cause some people to take a step back when they decide to switch to a gluten free diet and they do not make the change. Learn the truth behind some of those myths below.

Myth 1: You’ll Lose Weight

For most people, weight comes off once gluten is taken out of the diet. However, going gluten-free is not a specific method of weight loss, so there is not a guarantee that you will lose weight when the switch is made.  If you are transitioning to a gluten-free menu with specific desire to lose weight, this may not be the option that you want to take.

Myth 2: Gluten-Free Food Tastes Bad

This might’ve been a true statement a few years back, but it is certainly a myth these days since so many brands have dedicated lines to gluten-free foods. You can find anything from bread to beer and enjoy a gluten-free menu that doesn’t taste horrible. Choose the foods that you’ll buy wisely for the tastiest meals possible.

Myth 3:  It Is Hard to Transition

So, this is not 100% a myth. It is always difficult to remove those things that you love from the diet, but it is most certainly worth the efforts. You can take numerous steps to ease the transition to make it easier. First, make sure you have a nice collection of recipes available. Second, shop at a natural foods store to ease temptations.

Myth 4: Gluten-Free food is Expensive

The cost of gluten-free foods varies from one retail location to the next, the products that you buy, sale offers, etc. You can shop around to find the best deals on the foods that you want to add to your panty. The cost of gluten-free foods is sometimes a bit more, but the costs should not tear too deeply into your budget.

gluten free diet

Now that you have the truth behind some of the most common gluten-free myths, you can make that transition with ease. Many people are living this newfound lifestyle and enjoy every moment of it. Now it is your turn to enjoy life as a gluten-free person!

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